• An English cat named Frankie has been accused of stealing 35 soft toys from neighboring houses over the past year. • Vets in Boston have performed an unusual surgery in which they reattached a 4-year-old cat's face following a brutal accident involving a car's fan belt. • A new US law states that freight ships must slow down to 11.5 mph when traveling through parts of the North Atlantic, where right whales migrate from New England to Florida. •


• The Vietnamese media reports that about 130 women are held as prisoners, including some held in dog cages, and forced to work as prostitutes 18 hours per day. • A male white rhino in South Australia led his zookeepers on a 12-hour chase after he escaped from his habitat on Sunday in jealous protest over another bull being mated with a female rhino. • Den of Geek! has compiled a list of the 50 best drug trip scenes from movies, including scenes from The Matrix and Rosemary's Baby. • The principal of an exclusive Sydney boys' school has blamed South Park and Summer Heights High for their un-PC humor after students at the school allegedly posted anti-Semitic comments on a Facebook group titled Jew Parking Appreciation Group. • A new study claims that men have evolved to overspend so that they can attract mates. • A new DIY store-bought test, appropriately called The Sperm Check Vasectomy test, promises to help men check if their vasectomy has worked or not. • Cute alert: here are some photos of a baby orangutan who has befriended a two-year-old girl. • A mother from Detroit was arrested on Sunday after she had her 16-year-old daughter participate in a sex party that included 19 prostitutes and 20 men. • Brazil's sex toy industry is experiencing a boom after the South American country's economy has taken off. • Some high school students in Michigan observed the autopsy of a local 14-year-old girl from their same school district, although none of the students knew her. • New educational strategies distributed to Australian teachers say that red ink is "too aggressive" to use when correcting a student's paper and may contribute to harming a student's psyche. • Strange portraits of Obama on Mental Floss involve two separate paintings that include unicorns. •