• John Lennon was murdered 28 years ago on this day and Yoko Ono has released one of the pictures of Lennon shortly before he died to Boing Boing. • A new study suggests that domestic dogs can experience a simple form of envy. • A Florida man who plays the part of a Santa for pets has been peed and pooped on by various critters but he says that it still beats working with kids.• A new study claims that status for men is linked to having "more sex or better-quality partners" and men have evolved to become aggressive when they are looking to increase their standing. •


• The Sanga Amaj Women's Drug Treatment Center in Afghanistan treats female opium addicts, many of whom become addicted to the smoke that their opium-addicted husbands exhale. • Dame Joan Bakwell, who has been made a champion of the elderly by the British government, recently spoke out against the "American model" of TV news anchor teams which usually consists of an older man and a younger woman. • A recent study suggests that the risk-assessment tools used to help guide treatment decisions are too complex for breast cancer patients to understand and may lead to poor treatment choices for breast cancer. • A new study has found that the brain functions of low-income 9- and 10-year-olds are dramatically affected by poverty. • A recent study claims that although women feel "sexiest" at age 34 and have more sex in the 20s and 30s, they enjoy sex more as they get older. • Female activists in Iraq say that Iraqi women are "being strangled by religion and tribalism" as the country looks to form its new post-Saddam identity. • A Minnesota man is the proud owner of a 97-year-old fruitcake. • New, noninvasive genetics screens for fetuses with Down syndrome has re-sparked the debate on aborting fetuses with Down syndrome versus raising the child which can often be a financial and emotional burden. • A young woman in southern China has temporarily lost her hearing in her left ear after she and her boyfriend engaged in a particularly passionate kiss. • A new study has found a marginal link between sperm quality and intelligence. •