World's "Ugliest" Dog Dies • Oregon Town Elects First Transgender Mayor • Gus, the holder of the title of "world's ugliest dog" has died of cancer at the age of 9. • Kelly's "rape joke" on The Office last week: Offensive, funny or some combination of the two ? • Trojan's "Evolve" campaign (you know, the ads with the pigs) attempts to make condoms a symbol of "worthiness " to sexual partners. • A new study suggests that babies placed in incubators are two to three times less likely to suffer from major depression as adults. •• The Center for Adolescents of San Miguel de Allende is the only school in Mexico that offers a professional midwifery degree and may be the model for future schools to teach midwifery all over the world. • The British woman who was given the first successful ovarian transplant last year is expected to give birth this week. • A new law in Australia requires Family Courts to consider ordering mothers to repay child support to the men they claimed were the fathers of their children if paternity is successfully challenged. So far, 18 men have been cleared of paternity. • New research suggests that women with a history of serious mental illness are much more likely to have babies who are stillborn or die within the first month of life. • After attacking Kenyan police earlier today, six gunmen kidnapped two elderly Italian Roman Catholic nuns from their homes and drove them into Somalia. • Is it better to get married earlier or later in life? • Researchers say that a new technique for screening embryos during IVF will double the chances that the embryo will implant in the mother's womb. • A girl in North Carolina who studied teenage highway deaths for her senior project was killed in a head-on collision on Saturday. • Stu Rasmussen has been elected the mayor of a small town in Oregon, making him the country's first openly transgender mayor . • Kombucha may be the hot drink right now, but home brew versions can be potentially dangerous. • In perhaps the first case of its kind, an Italian couple face prosecution for causing their child "psychological suffering" after they allegedly argued in front of him during their divorce. •