Rollergirls Are A Hit In New Jersey • Georgia O'Keeffe To Get The 'Lifetime' Treatment • Women's roller derby is becoming popular in New Jersey, where seven leagues with more than a dozen teams have been created since 2005. • Fox Japan and Fuji TV network have announced that they're making a Japanese version of Sideways . • A British Muslim OB/GYN who has seen Muslim patients with bruises says she believes that domestic violence is more common in Muslim households because Muslim men fell they have "a God-given right" to beat their wives. •• Meanwhile, an expert on veteran mental health says that the medical community needs to come up with an effective response to domestic violence cases that involve the growing number of abusers that are veterans with PTSD. • After bad publicity over their backlog of untested rape kits, the LAPD announced a plan to seek funding to reduce its "massive backlog" of unexamined DNA evidence from violent crimes. • Carol's Daughter, a beauty brand marketed to African American women, is suing Carol's Express and its distributor, CVS, over trademark infringement. • Facebook removed a group titled "Dead Babies Make Me Laugh" which was based on those boring jokes about dead babies that dumb people tell. • Female gymnasts can avoid worsening wrist injuries, the most common injury for female athletes, by seeking quick treatment and assessment even if they feel a low level of wrist pain after an injury. • Good news for migraine sufferers: A new study claims that women who suffer from migraines have a significantly lower risk of getting breast cancer. • A Norwegian management researcher has found that leaders that displayed both feminine and masculine traits were the best at creating a climate of innovation. • The Lifetime network is currently developing a biopic about Georgia O'Keeffe starring Joan Allen and Jeremy Irons. •