Station Cat Rakes In The Dough • Saudi Arabia To Open First Women-Only University • Excitement over Tama, a hat-wearing cat who has been dubbed the mascot of a train tation in a small Japanese town, has pumped $10 million into the town's economy. • A new Canadian study suggests that gay men have a 12% lower income than straight men and lesbians have a 15% higher income than hetero women. • Doctors can now determine how long a woman has until she reaches menopause by testing hormone levels in her blood. • Mary Pickford's autograph book with the signatures of Benito Mussolini, Amelia Earhart and Thomas Edison is expected to go for $8,000 at auction. •• New Scientist reports on a recent study that suggests that men have "evolved defenses" to detect if their girlfriend or wife has been cheating on them. • Burton snowboards that feature nude women and cartoon drawings of a man cutting his hand have caused some ski resorts to ban their employees from using the boards while on duty. • King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia launched construction of the country's first women-only university on Wednesday. • Meanwhile, today is Pink Hijab Day , wherein hijab-wearing Muslim women raise awareness of breast cancer by wearing pink hijabs. • Five soldiers and two police officers in South Africa have been found guilty of committing sex crimes against Zimbabwean immigrants, whom the convicted forced to undress and perform sexual acts on each other. • A bizarre new study suggests that attractive fathers and mothers do not pass on their facial attractiveness to their sons. • Symptoms of heart disease , the leading cause of death for American women, is often misdiagnosed in women as symptoms of stress. • An Egyptian woman's blog, which bemoans the pressures put on her by her family to find a quick husband , has been turned into a successful book. • A 23-year-old woman was stoned to death after she was raped in an Islamist-controlled area of Somalia. • Malaysia's top Islamic council wants to ban Muslims from practicing yoga. • A Florida teen pleaded guilty to elder abuse charges on Tuesday after he was arrested for coaxing his senile grandmother into holding a gun and threatening to shoot "all the pigs" in a homemade video .• Jennifer Aniston has a brain neuron nicknamed after her which is the cell that reacts in people's brain when they see a familiar face. • Nuns at a 170-year-old British abbey are putting their goods up for sale as they prepare to move to a smaller convent in North Yorkshire National Park. •