Shipwrecked! The November issue of Vogue features a "Field Of Dreams" photo shoot starring Natalia Vodianova, her husband and kids. In the opening spread, the family is standing in a boat which is moored on dry land. For those of you keeping count, this is the fourth time since August we've seen a double-page spread of models posing in a boat on dry land or very shallow water. Glamour and Bazaar did it in September ; Free People did it in the October We The Free catalog . Are wooden boats a trend? Are we gonna see them at Forever 21? (Click the image at left to enlarge and to see the complete fleet of ships.)Shipwrecked! Glamour , September 2008. Shot by Koto Bolofo Shipwrecked! Bazaar , September 2008. Shot by Douglas Friedman. Shipwrecked! We The Free, October 2008. Shipwrecked! Vogue , November 2008, shot by Mario Testino.