Enterprising Intern Busts California Cold Case • Middle-Aged Woman Beats Up Bambi • Gabrielle Wimer, a 24-year-old intern at the San Diego Police Department, has helped crack a 36-year-old cold case involving a Vietnam vet who was murdered in his apartment. • Belleville, Illinois has banned children who are in high school (9th grade and up) from trick-or-treating on Halloween without their younger siblings since some residents are scared of late-nite trick-or-treating teens. • A new study has found that inactive elderly women can increase muscle strength as much as inactive young women can through regular exercise. • Smelly farts have been found to keep rodents' blood pressure low by relaxing blood vessels. •• Evangelist Tony Alamo, who is currently on trial for taking a minor across state lines for sex, was deemed a flight risk yesterday after former followers came forward and testified that Alamo practiced polygamy (read: abuse) with girls as young as 9. • Britan's speaking clock will be done in Tinkerbell's voice for three months to promote the DVD release of a Tinkerbell movie. • Where are all the single young men at? In pretty much every major city in America. • Tears of the Desert , written by Halima Bashir is the first memoir written by a woman about the war in Darfur. • A young English man is traveling the world for three weeks while dressed in a Smurf costume to promote his costume shop in Newbury, which has a excess of Smurf costumes this year.• Oh, it was also the Smurf's 50th anniversary on Wednesday. • Arien O'Connell ran the fastest time (11 minutes) at the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco on Sunday but did not win the race since she did not sign up as an "elite" runner, which would have given her a 20 minute head start over her own open group. • A federal grant will help replicate the Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence, which helps police officers responding to 911 call assess high-risk abuse cases, in at least five other jurisdictions across the US. • A new study has found that parents of a child with ADHD are nearly twice as likely to divorce by the time the child is 8 years old than parents without ADHD children. • Here's a new pointless gift to give at baby showers: A scale that shows a pregnant woman how big she is getting during her pregnancy. • Several male students at the University of Central Florida say they can now empathize with women who wear high heels after they took a volunteer high heel walk around campus this week as part of a Strike Back Against Dating/Domestic Violence event. • A 61-year-old woman got into a violent row with a deer on Monday after the deer attacked one of her dogs. • At least 500 Muslim protesters marched through Jakarta in Indonesia to push for the approval of an anti-pornography bill which would "shield the young from pornographic materials and lewd acts."•