Sarah Palin Gives Another Interview, Tortures Accused Facts Like She's A Gitmo Guard

  • Sarah Palin gave an interview to CNN's Drew Griffin, who only had to provide his viewers with misleading information on Troopergate and ACORN to get it. Try not to throw things against the screen when you watch it. [CNN, Huffington Post]
  • By the way, although she said in that interview that she's excited to work on American's energy independence, she pushed the federal government to allow natural gas exports. The U.S. imports 771 billion cubic feet last year, and Alaska exported 100 billion. [CBS]
  • Oh, and while she's running around mocking Joe Biden's statement that the Obama Administration might face an international crisis, CNN pointed out that the Cuban Missile Crisis started off Kennedy's Administration; the fall of Saigon, Ford's; the first World Trade Center bombing, Clinton's; and 9/11, Bush's. Silly facts. [Hotline]
  • Sort of like how she thinks she would be "in charge" of the Senate even though the Constitution says the Vice President's only role is to break tie votes. She's not going to let old pieces of paper get in her way because she's a Maverick! [Swampland, Radar]
  • One of her supporters in Virginia replaced a 78-year-old African-American Baptist minister's yard sign with a Confederate flag. I supposed we should just all thank our lucky stars that it wasn't a burning cross. [Huffington Post]
  • By the way, Obama's grandmother broke her hip, and isn't in great shape. [Huffington Post]