Megyn Kelly interviewed GOP media consultant Andrea Tantaros about Sarah Palin's new Newsweek cover, which is really mean to Sarah Palin. According to Tantaros, the close-up cover is a hit job because Newsweek didn't retouch it to make Palin's skin look flawless — you can see that she has "unwanted" facial hair, wrinkles and pores . It's partisan, of course, because Obama's covers all "make" him look flawless. Well, if we go to the record on that one, I can see pores, 5 o'clock shadow, wrinkles, stray eyebrow hairs and a mole in each of the four covers I looked at. Julie Piscitelli of American University points out that Palin looks beautiful and accessible and thinks that demanding that news magazines alter reality to celebretize our politicians "is going a little too far." Oh, Julia. When you're rational like that, you'll never get invited back.