Suze Orman Gets Milk • Teen Plots Murder For Breast Implants • Personal finance adviser Suze Orman will star in a new slate of "Got Milk?" ads that will be focusing on the economic benefits of buying and using milk. • In Iraq, the agal, or headband commonly seen on men, carries deep cultural significance and is considered to be part of a man's personal identity, with size and color denoting a man's class and standing. • CA Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed a bill on Saturday (called the "Paris Hilton Bill" by Rush Limbaugh) that would have banned motorists from driving with live animals on their laps. •• According to a recent mall survey in the UK, 4 out of 10 women wear Spanx-like underpants to look slim and 1 out of 10 women admitted to using "chicken filet" breast-enchancers. • A recent study found that the name-dropping of brands in rap videos causes viewers to transfer their feelings of the rappers (both positive and negative) onto the product. • Many Chinese lawyers representing clients who were effected by the milk-contamination scandal are claiming that they have been warned by the Chinese government to drop their cases due to "government sensitivity" about the scandal. • Researchers say that they are developing a urine test for breast cancer risk in women. • A Florida man is charged with beating and stabbing to death his wife, who had experienced a lifetime of physical spousal abuse from her former husband, whom she also killed. • A 99-year-old woman from Corte Madera, California plans to keep her driver's license when she turns 100. • An 18-year-old boy in Colorado hired men to attack and kill his mother (who escaped the attack) so he could use her money to buy breast implants for his girlfriend.•