John McCain Wants To Be A Senator Again (Albeit Briefly)

  • John McCain announced this afternoon that he is suspending his campaigning and postponing Friday's debate to head back to Washington to deal with the financial crisis. Basically, he's decided that it's more important for him to come back to D.C. to weigh in on a legislative issue on which he has little expertise than to talk directly to Americans about why they should vote for him in less than 6 weeks because politics should take a back seat right now. There's nothing political about that, nope! [Washington Post]
  • By the way, John McCain's the most absent Senator of the 110th Congress, having missed 64 percent of the votes since January 2007 (more than Obama or Tim Johnson, who had a stroke). He missed voting on a number of pieces of Iraq legislation, the GI Bill, Medicare reform, the economic stimulus package, bills on the house crisis, FISA and the Lebetter pay equity act, among others. But, this, yo, this is some important shit right here. And it's just a coincidence that he tanked in the polls this week. [Washington Post, Think Progress, Huffington Post, The Health Care Blog, AmericaBlog, Tuscon Citizen, Writes Like She Talks]
  • Barack Obama gave a statement this afternoon that was intended to be an announcement of the joint statement he'd agreed to about the bailout with McCain, only to get off the phone and watch McCain get on stage and tell the world he thinks they should postpone the debate. Obama didn't refuse to, but he thinks the American people want to hear what the candidates have to say and that the next President should be able to walk and chew gum at the same time. Advantage? Possibly Obama.
  • A new Pew research poll finds that Obama does 2-3 percent better when pollsters call people who only have cell phones. Yeah, he's got your youth vote. In most polls, that's the margin of error, too. [US News & World Report]
  • Even Fox News' polls have Obama up. [Real Clear Politics]
  • Bill Clinton says he hasn't campaigned more vigorously for Obama because of the Jewish holidays. He should probably just shut up now and try actually campaigning. [Politico]
  • Katie Couric's Sarah Palin interviews start tonight. Watch there, comment and cry together in frustration here. [CBS News]