Fashion Films: Is Anybody Buying What These Brands Are Selling? In the new film The Science Of Sexy , Dita Von Teese plays a bespectacled scientist who turns into… Dita Von Teese. Her lab coat gives way to lingerie. This movie has already been viewed over 200,000 times, but not in a theater: It's playing on YouTube . The short film is produced by Wonderbra, and, as Oliver Horton writes for the International Herald Tribune , the "fashion film" is having a moment. Prada has released two animated short films, and Louis Vuitton produced one as well . Of course, not matter how fancy they appear to be, these "fashion films" are really just commercials .But when you're a luxury brand, you're special. You don't want to seem low-rent, like a dishwashing detergent. So you're can't just make a commercial. You've got to make a film , and it's got to be for the interwebs. Marcus Black, the editor of Specialten , a bimonthly magazine on DVD, explains: "Magazines are losing out to computers. What people are sitting in front of is where advertisers want to be." But here's the question: Does it work? Do people who wouldn't otherwise be interested in Prada see the trippy Trembled Blossoms and buy a Prada bag? How about that existential crisis LV ad? (I was in a movie theater when the Louis Vuitton commercial appeared on screen and people in the audience actually hissed .) As for Dita, at least her "film" is straightforward: No mythical beasts or sense of ennui. Just a great-looking gal in well-fitting bra. Wouldn't you buy that? Fashion Film Gets A Life Of Its Own [International Herald Tribune] Earlier: The New Prada Movie Stars Very Shady Characters Let's All Take Acid And Watch The New Prada Movie Another Luxury Brand, Another Existential Film