Aye, Mateys, This Week We Were Not Lettin' You Into Our Knickers! (Me Parrot Concurs.) In honor of international talk like a pirate day , the remainder of this list will be conducted in pirate speak . Thank you for yourrrrrr support, landlubbers.

  • Aye, Doocy is probably just mad that McCain and Palin have terrible policies for women and he's takin' it out on us, argh!
  • Aye, McCain must think we're as dumb as McDonald's thinks we are.
  • Aye, once upon a time in a land called New Jersey, Rachel Zoe was a blushin' bride.
  • Ahoy, was that before, or after she started eatin' babies?
  • Arrr, but tis' Friday, argh! Drink as much grog as possible and rock out on your peg leg. You deser'e it.