Disney Takes A Walk On The Racist Side • Killer Of Pregnant Marine Extradited From Mexico • Who are the most racist Disney characters? The Indians from Peter Pan , Sunflower the Centaur from Fantasia (pictured), and Uncle Remus from Song of the South , to name a few. • Yesterday, Olympic gold medalist Kim Rhode's Olympic shotgun was stolen out of her pickup at an outlet mall in Lake Elsinore, California. • A Wisconsin appeals court dismissed videotape evidence of a man allegedly having sex with his comatose wife on grounds that the secret videotape was an invasion of privacy. •• An man from Guernsey was disciplined at work after he sent an email to female colleagues saying that he was looking for a pretty female roommate to cook and clean for him. • Anna Rawson, a part-time model, currently shares the lead for the opening round of the inagural Bell Micro LPGA Classic in Mobile, Alabama. • The number of female centenarians in Japan is expected to exceed 30,000 by the end of September. • UNICEF has released new estimates that show that the under-five mortality rate of children is down 27% since 1990. • Cpl. Cesar Laurean, the Marine who is suspected of killing a pregnant Marine in North Carolina, will be returned from Mexico to the U.S., a Mexican judge ruled on Thursday. • Prostitutes in Sweden , where it is legal to sell sex but illegal to pay for sex, are looking to pay taxes on their earned income so they can have access to government benefits. • This just in from obvious studies headquarters: Teens who don't use condoms avoid using them because they think they will reduce pleasure. • A Catholic priest in Illinois was arrested on Wednesday for selling and using cocaine in his office and residence at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. • A new study says that kids aged 10 to 11 from privileged families in which the mothers work score worse on cognitive tests and tend to be more overweight than lower-class families where the mother works... although the study did not analyze the type of day care that the children were getting in place of their mothers. • An angry father from Florida attacked his daughter's boyfriend with a metal pipe after discovering the boy nude in his daughter's room. • Vicki Minor is a founder of The Wildland Firefighter Foundation , which helps wounded and fallen wildfire firefighters and their families nationwide. •