Kiefer Says, "This McCain Guy Thinks We've Got Stuff In Common?"

  • John McCain told Marie Claire that he's like Jack Bauer except for the torture thing. That he doesn't like except for when it's directed at "enemy combatants" and conducted outside of American soil without judicial review and Jack does it all the time. There's totally a difference. [Huffington Post]
  • You know how everyone was a-flutter at the news that Sarah Palin might've had an affair with Todd's friend? Well, it turns out that her legislative director had an affair with Todd's friend's wife and, like everyone else she's ever met, she fired him. [Andrew Sullivan, Huffington Post]
  • Another off-limit topic for Sarah Palin? Any connection between her policy position on stem cell research (hints: she's against) and disabled children. That's a "new low," supposedly. [CNN]
  • In a transparent effort to win back that supposed white-woman vote for Obama that is supposedly trending toward McCain, Barbra Streisand is going to perform at an Obama fundraiser. I guess the campaign is figuring it's mostly older women? [Reuters, HuffPo]
  • The federal deficit has nearly tripled since last year, and is about ready to beat Bush's previous record, set in 2004. But the Republicans are the Party of Fiscal Responsibility(TM)! How can that be? [Washington Post]
  • Benazir Bhutto's (probably) corrupt husband was sworn in as President of Pakistan today. That's totes going to work well for all of us. [NY Times]