Single-Parent Families Give Rise To Successful Spawn • New Bill In Kenya Sparks Abortion Debate New research pokes holes in the old theory that the children of single-parents are more likely to be unsuccessful (Obama and Michael Phelps seemed to turn out just fine!). • The Planning Commission of Clayton, California has decided to reinstate that 11-year-old girl's produce stand that got shut down last week , although the town's mayor (who previously called the girl "selfish") isn't too happy. •• Matrimonial lawyers say they are seeing weight and sex clauses in prenups. • Women with bulimia and borderline personality disorder may benefit from a new form of "life skills-based" therapy called Dialectical behavior therapy. • UK Muslim women get their own Muslim-focused women's magazine , Sisters , which initially started out as a website but is debuting its printed form this summer. • A trouble-making magpie stole a woman's diamond engagement ring and kept it in its nest for 3 years. • A new, more "natural" cesarean birth has been developed that allows the woman's partner (as well as the woman herself) view the birth of the child. • The World Health Organization reports that a mix of poverty and social injustices has shortened the life expectancy of a female in Zambia to 43 years. • A new bill proposed by a Kenyan woman's rights group that would make it easier for women to get abortions is sparking debate about making abortion legal in Kenya. • A female Muslim journalist and amateur athlete discusses the stereotypes that some Muslims have against women participating in athletic activities. • The California Supreme Court ruled unanimously today that sexual assaults that leave victims pregnant constitute "great bodily injury" and warrant a more severe sentence for offenders. •