MTV's Exiled takes the spoiled brats whose birthday parties (and tantrums) were featured on My Super Sweet 16 , and ships them off to wholly different parts of the world where they have to live among people who actually work for a living. On last night's premiere episode, prissy Amanda, now 18, was sent to Kenya, where she lived in a hut among the Masai four miles from the nearest water source. She bitched about it the entire time. In the clip above, Amanda watches as a cow is slaughtered in her honor (warning: it's graphic), and pretty much just goes into a soliloquy of complaint and disgust. Later, she shares some of her possessions from home — body spray, candy, Beyoncé — with her 18-year-old host Josephine. When Amanda shows her a fashion magazine, Josephine looks at (an airbrushed) photo of a model and asks in all earnestness if the woman depicted is a real person. Clip above.