Barack Obama, and Antici...pation

  • Yeah, he still ain't telling. Probably tomorrow. [Washington Post]
  • He did reportedly call all the losers last night. No one's admitting anything, though. [CNN]
  • Random Texas Congressman Chet Edwards — who Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been pointing out for months — is apparently shortlisted now, though, and gave a cute press conference with his son in tow. He didn't say anything but that it's not so hot in Texas today. [Huffington Post]
  • Time says that Mitt Romney is McCain's main man, so HuffPo recounts their hatred for one another. Oh, nostalgia. [Time, Huffington Post]
  • There's a new Obama tribute video by famous people. It has a Cheeze Factor of 10. [HuffPo]
  • Russian might be actually pulling out of Georgia this weekend. So, that's good at least. [Associated Press]