LOLVogue Contest: We Have A Winner Last week's Mad Men -esque supermarket LOLVogue came with a contest! There was one image for which we had no caption. We asked, you answered. After the jump, the finalists… And the winner.

Finalists: ruffians : IM IN UR SUPERMARKET SHOPPIN FER TEH FIRST TIEM mai maid is sick JessicaLoveJoy : DIZ IZ NOT WUT I MEANT BY TROUT POUT blondemythologist : INVISIBLE ENTHUSIASM STICKSnSCONES : FEELAY OF FISH? NO THANXS. MODDLES DONT EAT MCDONNOZ. All LOLworthy! Congrats. And the winner, AvantGardenia : LOLVogue Contest: We Have A Winner AvantGardenia , email dodai at jezebel dot com to claim your cheezburger prize! Earlier: LOLVogue: Sumwon Elss Kleanz Up (Plus Contest!)