Oh, Hell Yeah And Oh, Hell No

  • Rachel Maddow has finally been given her own show at MSNBC. She's taking over Dan Abrams' 9:00 ET spot on September 8 (the Monday after the conventions). Congrats! [NY Times]
  • Barack Obama told John McCain to stop questioning his patriotism just because they disagree on national security. It won't work, but it was well-said, so go read it. [Politico]
  • John McCain might really be prepared to piss off the fundies and pick a pro-choice VP, which should mean that very few pro-choice women will actually vote for him but could mean the fundies will stay home in a snit on Election Day. [CNN]
  • Diane Feinstein, expected to chair the California delegation at next week's Democratic convention, won't be able to attend because she broke her ankle last week. Get well soon! [CNN]
  • Polls show pet owners strongly prefer John McCain over Barack Obama. Quick! Get cute pictures of Obama with puppies! [US News & World Report]
  • We might consider offering corrupt, almost-impeached former military dictator Pervez "Uncle Pervy" Musharraf asylum because he faces perprosecution in his home country. God forbid he face that! [AFP]
  • There's an 8-year-old boy named James Robinson on our government's Do Not Fly list. Our government won't take him off, but it turns out if they use his middle name, he doesn't get stopped. Foolproof system we got there to deter terrorists. [CNN]