You Wanna Be On Top Do yourself a favor and read "America's Next Top Fashion Editor," Moe Tkacik's story in this week's New York magazine. It's the epic tale of Nina Garcia, Anne Slowey, Elle , Project Runway and the new CW show Stylista (starring Elle fashion editor Slowey). Plus! The appeal of fashion-related reality TV, "the crack rock of programming." You'll learn the differences between Garcia and Slowey (closets: "Slowey's is small, East Village, overflowing with vintage finds; Garcia's is cavernous, color-coded, and situated in an apartment overlooking Central Park.") as well as the events surrounding Garcia's departure from Elle . (She's now at Marie Claire .) As for Stylista , which premieres in October? Anne Slowey says: "I don't even know what reality is anymore." [New York Magazine ]