Lifetime movies are such a pop cultural touchstone that when you describe something as Lifetime movie-ish, people immediately know what you're talking about: a melodramatic situation involving a woman wronged (often maimed) and her subsequent redemption. Anyone who has ever seen and secretly enjoyed a Lifetime movie will be thrilled to read the very entertaining blog, Lifetime, Wow! They have a patented Lifetime movie rating system that evaluates the films in four different categories: Actual Awesomeness, Ironic Awesomeness, Hey! It's That Guy! inclusion, and finally Lifetimeness. On the Lifetimeness of the movie Lethal Vows , contributor Rusty writes, "This is the most Lifetimey movie I've ever seen. Women's intuition saves the day. There's a psychotic ex-husband on the loose. The friendly Assistant District Attorney prosecuting the murder and token nice male is black. It's quite incredible." Just like your blog!!! [Lifetime, Wow! ]