Female Soldier Goes Missing • Pole Dancing Protester Arrested In Subway

Another missing female solider? Authorities are searching for 2nd Lt. Holley Wimunc, 24, who disappeared after her apartment near Fort Bragg was set on fire by an arsonist. • Almost 31% of female British obstetricians would prefer a Caesarean birth because of the "reality" of risk and possible long-term damages with traumatic natural births. • Marks and Spencer's charges a $4 tax on larger-sized bras, creating outrage among customers who say it is unfair. • Need a good shout but don't want to offend your neighbors? Try a Shouting Vase. • A sexual curse tablet from the Middle Ages was found in Cyprus with the message "May your penis hurt when you make love."

A former Playboy model was arrested in Canada for attempting to rob an older woman and stabbing a man who tried to intervene. • The city of Manila offered free vasectomies on Friday for a special fair promoting family planning. • Chilean authorities have arrested a stripper who protested conservative Chilean society by doing pole dances in subway cars in the Santiago subway system. • Heenal Raichura, a 22-year-old British woman, has become Britain's youngest doctor. • Amanda Knox has been charged with killing her British roommate when they were living together as students in Italy last year. • Carlos Bustamante, a member of Santa Ana's City Council in California (and a rising star in the Republican party), has resigned from two commissions after he made breast comments regarding the first female Sheriff of Orange County. • The first female Japanese 4x400 relay team will appear in the Olympics this year. • Big cats, caught on tape.