Ciao Tuesday! One thing about this gig is, you suddenly become aware of the mind-numbing array of choices with which celebrities have to contend every night: store openings, diamond launches, benefits and, this week, something called the Rome Fiction Fest, which professional random people like Billy Baldwin felt compelled to attend (along with Peter Krause, Helen Mirren and various Italian luminati in outfits). It might not surprise you that, while the actual purpose of the event remains shrouded in Italian, the fashions, post-jump, run the gamut from Good to Bad to...Ugly.

The Good:

When she's not flanked by creepy suburban dads William Baldwin and Peter Krause, actress Natalie Zea looks fresh and summery in her butter-colored sheath.

Unfortunate that "The Lady in Red" is playing in my head, as thesp Elena Sofia Ricci looks super-dashing. Helen Mirren, classy Dame. (I'm a wit, you see.)

There is some debate (yeah, in my head - what of it?) as to whether this is the same dress a certain diminutive guest-blogger purchased at Banana Republic two summers ago. Either way, the color is stunning on actress Giorgia Cardaci.

The Bad:

Lunetta Savino's ensemble is an artistic and popular failure. Yes, I am both. Art and, um, the People.

After the Banana Republic mystery, Giorgia Cardaci falls into the classic traps of bad length, upholstery damask. Haven't we all!

I was going to refer to Roberta Giarrusso's gown as a "Monet" because at first glance I thought it was lovely and diaphanous. But then I realized that it's actually pretty bad from a distance, too - it is this, after all, which allows for full transparency.

I had a terrifying moment. I actually looked at Giulia Elettra's dress and instead of thinking "ugly" thought, wow, that really looks like something out of the Galante couture show. Don't worry, that's passed now.

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