Sometimes I Wonder How Those Oil Companies Keep From Going Under…

  • The Grandmaster Flash memoir is out, and I know a big plot point is how he beat cocaine, but fuck if the guy doesn't sound as endearingly hyperactive as he did rapping about stagflation three decades ago or whatever. Apparently he's a hero in Burma? [Newsweek]
  • All this time I've been calling Barack Obama a Muslim and it turns out he's actually a Hindu who worships some golden monkey god? [Times of India]
  • Senator Chris Dodd moved his entire family to Iowa all to win one percent of the vote and I am not happy to report his powerful speech in opposition to retroactively granting big telecom firms the right to spy on people will no doubt prove equally in vain. [Wash Post]
  • The Supreme Court decided to let Exxon off the hook on some of these pumped up oil spill fines. I mean, we can't very well expect those guys to scrounge up the money to find new sources of oil if we force them to pay putative damages for every little thing they do wrong, can we? You decide. [NYT]
  • Also in the Supreme Court child rapists won a victory of sorts, and Barack Obama apparently does not approve. [Wash Post]
  • Countrywide Financial was sort of the poster bank for the whole "Rent to own, No credit no problem" mortgage concept that is now costing taxpayers $300 billion or so, so it makes total sense that billionaire CEO Angelo Mozilo's tears would garner a standing ovation at the latest shareholders meeting. Wait no, actually it doesn't. [LA Times]
  • I gotta say, I totally agree with this so far and it's kind of a disappointment. [Wash Post]
  • Scoff all you want about how a grown man should be capable of distinguishing between a teacher dressed up like a Ninja for a costume party and the genuine Ninja article, but in this post-Virginia Tech era can schools ever really be too cautious? [Phillyburbs]