Cute Kids, Men And The Truth About Wine

  • Because I can't resist a shout-out to the Bostonians among you, Big Papi (aka, David Ortiz, aka Red Sox number 34) became an American citizen today. [Boston Globe]
  • In the citizenship travails of the less famous, Bullard High School valedictorian (and illegal immigrant) Arthur Mkoyan's deportation to Armenia has been delayed due to the introduction of a bill by Senator Diane Feinstein to make the whole family legal. Unfortunately, of the 236 bills like this introduced since 2005, only 4 passed. [CNN]
  • Speaking of legal crap in California, a judge had a personal website that contained a bunch of porn that you had to monkey around in the root directory to access and now everyone is aghast that an old dude likes porn. [LA Times]
  • Speaking of messing with computers, apparently China is hacking the computers of Congressional staff that work on China issues and one belonging to the Secretary of Commerce, possibly since 2006. [LA Times]