Uber-nerds threaten to quit video game after female characters lose their enormous boobs, game creators promise to amend racks ASAP. • State-wide drought is declared in California, conserve your water, Cali Jezebels! • Carla Bruni-Sarkozy is releasing a memoir about her husband's 'remarkably irrigated' '5 or 6 brains.' • Oh, and she is releasing a new album. Smells like publicity overload! • Topsy-turvy tomato planters have been recalled after complaints of collapsing. Some things are just better right-side up! • A Shot At Love contestant was told to stop kissing lesbian lover at Seattle ball-game, sparking outrage in the community. • Female workers oversee sewer developments in Karachi slums and rise up in power using their modesty. • Lily Allen's drunken shenanigans at that Glamour Women of the Year party may have been the result of some spiked drinks! • British mother convicted of neglect after leaving her toddler alone and penned into the kitchen of the apartment (that later flooded) for a weekend. • Turkish court upholds the ban on Islamic head scarves for women in universities. • A Sikh student is attacked by a classmate in Queens after school officials ignore reports of bullying. • Salary.com conducts a "study" that reveals stay-at-home moms could earn $117k a year for child-rearing work and working moms could earn $68,405 a year. Oh, if only this were true. • Bahamian blogger laments her government's lack at stopping violence against women after Amnesty's 2008 report on international women's rights. • A "variety" of couples have approached Virgin Galactic about being the first couple to have sex in space.