Can Interracial Porn Ever Not Be Racist?

That's the challenge posed on Racialicious by Wendi Muse — but she's got some caveats.

She invites people to look at their favorite interracial porn clips and see if they can honestly say they're not racist. And she's got some strict criteria.

1. The color, size, or shape of the characters' body parts, particularly genitals, as they relate to his or her race or ethnicity is not mentioned
2. No racist epithets are uttered.
3. The race or ethnicity of the characters (including the white characters) is not mentioned.
4. The background music, setting, and general environment of the scene does not conform to a stereotype related to one or more of the characters' racial or ethnic identity.

I didn't say it was an easy test.

The first thought that popped into my head, having somehow gotten myself onto Hustler's parody review list (and you thought you had problems with Nailin' Paylin!) was their more recent entry into the genre: Not The Cosbys XXX. Although Lux at Fleshbot wasn't a fan (consider all links from here on out NSFW, please), it does feature an interracial orgy scene (two white women, one Asian woman, one white man and a black man, who started out the scene as "Denise's" nominal boyfriend) in which the race of the participants is hardly an issue; the next one features "Theo" and one of the (white) women at a party; the fourth is "Claire" flashing back to her (white) boyfriend; the third is "Vanessa" and Theo's friend "Cockroach"; and the final scene features Denise losing her virginity to a white man whose ethnicity Denise mentions to a friend in passing. Most of the scenes take place in a suburban home or on a campus; there's very little reference to the races of the participants; and there are no references to things like "bootys". Granted, I fast forwarded through a lot, so maybe I missed something mid-sex, but it seemed to keep to the outlines of Muse's rules.

Lux, however, recommends the work of Tristan Taormino, like the film Chemistry 4, to find non-racist interracial porn. (Taormino is already known for her socially progressive pornography, so that's perhaps unsurprising). Lux also recommends Stoya Atomic Tease as a movie that doesn't deal in racial stereotyping to get a viewer off, despite its interracial cast. And, for the lesbians in the crowd, she strongly recommends Champion, which (apparently) won the 2009 Feminist Porn Awards.

Lux has actually been trying to answer the challenge Wendi Muse posed for a long time, having put together a top-10 list of non-racist interracial porn last fall. The one thing that might make it fall off Muse's list of must sees, though, is that 9 of the clips involve a black man and a white woman (the 10th is the interracial lesbian three-way pictured above). So maybe the question to ask is why it's easier to find non-racist interracial sex scenes between black men and white women than it is to find ones of black women and white men?

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