Meet The Asshole Who Outed The Phone-Sex Tweeter

What sort of person would out an anonymous sex-work tweeter to her family? Well, the same sort of person who was trying to get famous with a blog called Reasons Why I Hate Girls. Meet Adam White.

Earlier this week, TeleEroticist, who had been entertainingly live-tweeting her exploits as a phone sex operator, was forced to reveal her identity as Christi Olson of Vancouver both to her family and to her readers. That's because White, a mid-twenties aspiring writer who lives with his parents in White Plains, NY had already tweeted her identity to her sister and was trying to go public.

Olson, 23, should be fine, despite the fact that her choice to stay anonymous was rudely violated; she's already drawn plenty of notice as a writer. White, on the other hand, is already getting shit from some of Olson's 2,600+ followers, who put two and two together. (He has since deleted his Twitter account.)

White, it turns out, is an acquaintance of Olson's who simmered with resentment when her writing talents began to get notice. Unfortunately for him, his own efforts to draw Internet attention had pretty much failed.

Most recently, those efforts had centered on a project called "100 Girls In 100 Days," that was both self-explanatory and unoriginal. It included the following line in his "about" section:

I have been writing since the age of ten, and since the age of twenty most of that work is excellent.

Before the "100 Girls" project, some of that "excellent" writing had included Reasons Why I Hate Girls. Sample entry:

Ever since I was a little boy I dreamed of the day a beautiful girl would tell me her deepest darkest secrets. But I've learned something over the years. Pretty girls keep things close to their pretty chests. The ugly, fat, obnoxious girls are the ones you have to worry about. These are the kinds of girls who will wear their vaginas and STDs on their sleeve.

He got to 144 reasons before he decided to at least pretend that he didn't "hate" girls and launch another blog about allegedly dating them.

It wasn't just Olson White had it in for. Nothing annoyed him more than women who wrote about sex and became successful for it — including author Julie Klausner, whose dating memoir was recently optioned by HBO, and a female dating blogger who was getting an assist by "This fucking hurts my brain and this cunts probably gonna have a book deal in a week," he complained in an IM conversation we saw.

Gender wasn't the only difference between White and that dating blogger: his 100 Girls In 100 Days was actually fictional, or as he called it, "a short fiction outlet, under the guise of it being factual." It's not clear if there was even one actual "girl" involved in that 100 day period.

On Monday, White tweeted about the TeleEroticist's identity, and refused to take it down despite her pleas — unless she introduced him to the agent who had contacted her. She refused, and took control of the situation by outing herself, something she had never planned to do even with the prospect of further fame.

Last night, when we contacted him for comment about the situation, White wrote us,

I'm just going to come out and say it. I made a stupid, rash, drunken mistake the other night and outted Christi's identity against her wishes. Quite honestly, I know that's not an excuse, and I'm not claiming it to be one…just stating what I did. As Christi stated, it was a douchey thing to do, and I regretted said douchey-ness.I felt disgusted doing such a horrible thing, so I deleted the comment and my Twitter as a whole because I felt like the a jackass over the whole scenario (as well I should have). Christi and I have occasionally had differences, but the fact of the matter is she's a great human being. I screwed up and hurt her in a despicable way. There is no excuse for the pain I have caused her, and am genuinely sorry about all that I have done to her.

At least he can admit to his jackassery — well-played. In the meantime, true justice will probably be meted out based on actual writing talent. And, you know, the Internet.

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