Sponsor of 'Show Your Boss Your Whore Pills' Bill Hijacks Mic at Press Conference, Calls Everyone Liars

In an attempt to show the world that she's not a lunatic with terrible ideas, Arizona Republican State Representative Debbie Lesko stood in the back of a Democratic press conference yesterday and called everybody liars before hijacking a microphone. You know, standard non-lunatic with great ideas type stuff.

Debbie Lesko is the big, swinging brain behind a truly terrible piece of proposed legislation that would have allowed employers to peek into their employees medical records in order to make sure their employees aren't purchasing things with their employee-sponsored insurance plan that hurt their boss's feelings. You know, things like birth control pills used for pregnancy prevention during non-procreative sex. Things that reduce both baby and adult Jesus to tears. Things that make the Pope's big hat rise a few inches off his head and spin around several times.

It's a horrible invasion of privacy, it opens the door to gender discrimination, and it espouses regressive attitudes toward women, sex, and gender. It's a steaming heap of cow dung of a bill.

Democrats, unsurprisingly, are upset about this, and yesterday several state legislators held a press conference during which they basically took turns roasting it like it was Joan Rivers. (This legislation is so Puritanical that it kills all its food with a trumpet shaped musket! This bill is so bad that you need tongs and a face mask to remove it from the refrigerator! etc.) Democratic State Senator Linda Lopez called the bill "asinine," and her colleague Matt Heinz said it breaches employees' right to confidentiality.

Even though she wasn't invited, Debbie Lesko attended the press conference to set the world straight. From the back of the room, she called Lopez and Heinz "liars," and then when they were done, she and an attorney from a conservative lobbying group commandeered the microphone, claiming that the bill was only a state government version of the failed Blunt Amendment designed to protect some imaginary right that employers have enshrined in the Constitution of Republican utopia Fuckthepooristan, a right for a boss to use his conscience to dictate what health care is available to employees through their health plans.

After a short tirade at the mic, Democrats surrounded the two interlopers, who then wandered off.

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