President Bullshit

  • George W. Bush is in Israel right now where he equated Obama with Hitler over his suggestion that he meet with Ahmadinejad. I guess in Israel they have to smile when he talks but Knesset Speaker Dalia Itzik doesn't look like her heart is in it. [Wash Post]
  • Joe Biden and most Democrats not named Joseph Lieberman rejected and denounced Bush's "bullshit"/"malarkey." [Politico]
  • Oh wait, but the Bushes were actually great friends with the Nazis. So maybe he meant the Hitler thing as a compliment? [Guardian]
  • (Dear Jews: Just remember, no one forgets what they learned at summer camp!)
  • And what does the presumptive nominee of the political party equivalent of bad dog food have to say about the idiotic musings of the ignorant shit who not only most likely laid waste his own chances of being elected president but also did more in eight years to undermine democracy, world peace and stability than anyone who had ever held the office? Yeah, John McCain, you are an asshole. [Wonkette]
  • "If the fear of Baghdad and Falluja is what keeps foreign powers from saving huge numbers of Burmese from their own government's callousness, that will be one more tragic consequence of the Iraq war." [New Yorker]
  • I've been meaning to compile some fave Moments In Schlafly in honor of the honorary degree she's receiving tomorrow know where to tip me. [TNR]