The Urban Outfitters Summer catalog has hit mailboxes and there's a world of ugly inside. Oh, not everything is hideous, but there are a few things — sure to be seen on your local hipster — that just seem cringe-inducing. High-waisted shorts, lacy underwear as outerwear, Soviet-era shoes? The offenders, after the jump.

1. A bikini with a face on the butt.

One question: Is this an upgrade or a downgrade from having "Juicy" on your ass?

Insight Tura bikini, $88

2. Candy-colored sunglasses.

There's nothing wrong with fun sunglasses. Especially during summer, for crying out loud! It's a time to be silly. But maybe the Olsens, Kiki Dunst and Ashlee Simpson have ruined them? Or maybe it's the brain-dead expression on this model's face. I'm suspicious of colorful frames now. I think maybe they render you dumb.

Crystal frame sunglasses, $$18; neon gradient sunglasses, $14; twilght aviators, $14; golden ratio sunglasses, $14.


3. High-waisted short-shorts.

This seems self-explanatory. When there is more fabric above the crotch than below, you've got a problem.

Top: Covet Bamboo highrise short, $98

Bottom: Lux cult classic short, $48.

4. A lace leotard.

An item named after a David Lynch movie is always going to be problematic.

Wild at heart one-piece, $28.


5 Hideous Things Urban Outfitters Wants You To Wear This Summer

5 Hideous Things Urban Outfitters Wants You To Wear This Summer 5. Hideous shoes.

Come on, people. Is ugly is the new pretty? Is 1979 East German chic all the rage?

Top: Zabriskie boot, $78; entwined T-strap flat, $48.

Bottom: C2 elements sandal, $158; encircled sandal, $38; infinity sandal, $38; Bernson gladiator sandals, $175.

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