"I Think He Ought To Kiss Johnny Edwards On The Lips to Kill This 41-Point Loss..."

  • Flip-flop! (Said our hearts.) John Edwards went back on his promise not to endorse anyone. Edwards adviser David "Mudcat" Saunders is to blame for the quote. Because maybe if Barry did something homo they would give up thinking he was Muslim? [CNN]
  • Some hints that this was coming. [Atlantic]
  • Will it ruin Ed Rendell's nice plan for Obama to ask Hillary to be his running mate? [CNN]
  • Look, Hillary is doing her nicest to change the minds of all those supporters of hers who will do anything to avoid voting for the Muslim guy! [CNN]
  • I'm thinking Obama should not broach the subject by calling her "sweetie." [Time
  • And Hillary promises to never ever again broadcast her whiteness. [Time]
  • Jesus Christ John McCain, is there an extraordinarily brutal dictatorship to which aren't somehow linked? Turkmenistan? North Korea? [AP]
  • The Vatican says God created aliens too. [AP