Women! I think we can all agree we are guilty enough already! That's why, in lieu of the usual evening Jezebel news roundup, we're presenting you with ten things NOT to worry your head over. Read, and go back to feeling bad about carbs!


  • The "Recession": Bull markets are the new black! [Washington Post]
  • The rising cost of food. I think we all know one place the nation's poor people could use a little "cutting back." [WSJ]
  • Betraying your feminist principles by marrying rich and staying in the union not a day longer than you'll need to live happily ever after on the alimony. Here's to gender parity: men are doing it these days, too! [WSJ]
  • Haiti This little dirt-eating nation just got a visit from our very stunning Secretary Of State. Oh Condi, won't you reconsider your stance on joining Republican presidential ticket? It could so use a splash of color. [Wonkette]
  • The ever-nastier tenor of this presidential campaign. At least one national pageant queen refuses to join the fray. Here's to you, Rachel Smith, for knowing that it sometimes is wisest to be seen and not heard. [Wonkette]
  • "Meditating" on your next shopping spree! Now you can worry about whether your puppy's chakras are balanced correctly. [Washington Post]
  • Not totally understanding what all the fuss is about "Basra" right now. John McCain doesn't either — and he masterminded the troop surge! [Think Progress]
  • The social burden of all those reckless people who signed mortgages they couldn't afford and now think they can just declare bankruptcy. It won't be quite as painless for the ignorant freeloaders it was in the past. [New Yorker]
  • That Elizabeth Edwards would be hypothetically left out of John McCain's health plan. Well Jeez, if anyone can afford it, she can. [Think Progress]
  • All the nastiness directed at Sarah Jessica Parker lately. She has a really great metabolism. [People]