Admit It, Boo. Ashley Alexandra Dupre's Mediocre Pitch Controlled Voice Is Starting To Grow On You!

  • "After the first play, a lot of the reaction was negative. But after the second play, it became, `Play that song again,' and `Hey, that song's not bad." That's the program director of New York's Z100 discussing lovely Ashley Alexandra "Kristen" Dupre's song "What We Want." (Some mashups here.) You might recall the same phenomenon surrounding "Hollaback Girl." I'm making this my first item pretty much solely because it's probably my last chance to run this picture of Ashley and her mom. [Houston Chronicle]
  • Obama's crazy pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright hates America and he thinks all black people should, too, and Obama's excuse is that he missed church the day Wright blamed the U.S. for September 11. [ABC News]
  • The good news: 13% of registered voters still think Obama is Muslim. [National Review]
  • The Clinton campaign sent out a nasty letter about how Obama is a total loser. Then the Obama campaign annotated it to make Clinton look like the loser. It sounds like a loser move, but I think they succeeded anyway. [NPR]

  • Recession: was there any uncertainty left as to whether it had arrived? Really? Okay, well, if the flurry of bank meltdowns, the credit crunch, the rocketing food and oil prices, violent job cuts, continued slide of the dollar and mad Fed scramble to inject money into the economy didn't convince you, we now have conclusive proof that American consumers have somehow managed to stop buying so much. [WSJ]
  • Karl Rove credits George W. Bush with teaching him a lot about "trust and honesty and straightforwardness." [Think Progress]
  • "The magic is gone" for the U.S., says French foregin minister Bernard Kouchner, that guy who was just on the cover of the New York Times Magazine.
  • Yesterday I gave you pickle juice popsicles; today bacon lollipops! [Lollyphile]
  • Christopher Ward, the former treasurer of the National Republican Congressional Committee, embezzled about a million dollars, transferring funds from the committee to various organizations to his own bank accounts to...whores? We can only hope. [Wash Post]