Another Deadly School Shooting...

  • Oh yay, the terrorists are taking cues from the school shooters now. A day after Condi leaves Israel, at a religious school known as the birthplace of Zionism. Ten died, some of them clutching Bibles as they fell to the floor. [WSJ]
  • And lest you thought, well, at least thanks to the troop surge such incidents aren't happening as often in Iraq...yeah. 54 killed, 123 injured. [NYT]
  • So where do these guys get their weapons? Russians. [Wash Post]
  • Barack Obama looks like he's winning the Texas caucuses; please do not ask me to explain why. [Fort Worth Star Telegram]

  • A Clinton aide compared Obama, somewhat hyperbolically, to Ken Starr. [Politico]
  • Hillary is not exactly a Jesus Freak but she is a Holy Spirit Freak which is almost weirder. [CBN]
  • Running in stilettos is a lucrative competitive sport in the Netherlands. [MSNBC
  • What happens if you lose billions of dollars making unauthorized trades for the giant megabank you work for? You might find yourself making friends with Ramzi Yousef, the Mafia and the Aryan brotherhood. [WSJ]