Saddam Hussein Made Up That WMD Thing To Deter Invaders

  • So it turns out Saddam Hussein lied about having WMD so the rest of the Axis of Evil would leave him alone. [CBS News]
  • How much would you bet even he couldn't have kept that lie up 935 times! [Wash Post
  • Isn't it funny how yesterday's enemies are today's...[Reuters]
  • The New York Times to endorse Hillary Clinton? Identity politics much, Gray Lady??? [Radar]
  • George Soros says it's the worst economic crisis in 60 years. Because financial instruments masterminded by crafty hedgies like himself just got too hard for central bankers and bureaucrats to understand. And speaking of hard to understand... [Financial Times]
  • But anyway, everyone else smarter than you agrees. [NY Times]
  • "Tax cuts in general perpetuate the excessive consumption that has marked the American economy." [NY Times]
  • Suck it, Stiglitz, I want my six hundred bucks. [WSJ]
  • Bill Gates is over capitalism. Convenient. [WSJ]