"No one ever expected Uggs to be so popular," says Cos Constantinou, managing director of Kate Kuba, the largest stockists of Uggs in England. (In a report out in late October, Deckers, the company that owns Uggs, announced that revenues for the third quarter were up 67%). Um, yeah. They're ugly! The Daily Mail reports that in Australia, Uggs have their own entry in the dictionary, complete with a "Derivation: ugly.") And, it turns out, they're not so practical either: they're not only not waterproof, they're dangerous and disgusting.

I saw a young woman last week who had completely wrecked the boot at the back - the sole is a very soft material and it hadn't held her foot in position. This can cause a lowering of the arch, which can cause tendon strain. Her sole had just worn through, like you'd find on the slippers of an old lady hobbling around a nursing home.
That's Michael O'Neill of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists in the UK. Says one other Ugg-wearer: "On the box it says you should wear them without socks. But if you do that they really get quite smelly." Ah, Hollywood blondes... Always making fashion choices that stink .

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