Even my crippling fear of the exchange rate between the U.S. dollar and the British pound isn't enough to stop me from crying into my pillow, fantasizing that I could have been at last night's Fashion Rocks event held for The Prince's Fund in London. Because seriously - if Heather Graham got invited, why the fuck didn't I?! This being a "fashion" event, plenty of "interesting" fashion "choices" abounded. (Joss Stone didn't wear shoes! Uma Thurman continues to know she is beautiful! Naomi Campbell might as well gone naked!) Alicia Keys needs to keep her boobies covered, we think, but perhaps she was flaunting them only to show the contrast between herself and her markedly drag-queen looking peers? The famous folk who look like Lady Bunny, in a gallery beginning below. Oh, and one question: has Kate Moss has never looked better?

[London, England; October 18. All images via Getty.]