This Woman Would Like To Take Your Birth-Control And Shove It

  • Bush does it again: The forty-turd president has appointed birth-control opponent Susan Orr — who thinks contraceptives encourage our "culture of death" — to head the family planning branch of the Department of Health and Human Services. [Washington Post]
  • Novelist Anne Enright beat out favorites like Ian McEwan for the prestigious Booker Prize. Bonus! We're pretty sure if a film adaptation is done of The Gathering, body-dysmorphic Keira Knightley will not be starring. [Guardian]
  • Scientists are developing a hormone-free contraceptive that actually changes the genetic make-up of a woman's eggs, making it impossible for them to be fertilized by sperm. Hey, we have an idea for scientists: Fuck with the sperm for once, not the eggs! [Guardian]
  • Getting acupuncture negatively impacts the chances of conceiving via IVF, according to a new study. Bright side for holistic health nuts craving babies? That weird suction-cup treatment Gwyneth Paltrow got in the late 90's clearly does not! [Guardian]
  • Breast cancer treatment for the uninsured is an impossible cost, but even those with insurance get stuck with massive bills. Seriously, is there anyone more evil than health insurance "providers"? [ABCNews]
  • Hmm. Men who having trouble knocking up their partners because the quality of their sperm sucks can improve their little guys potency by having sex everyday. Question for the mommies: If you're trying to get pregnant, don't you and the man have sex everyday anyway? [Times Online]
  • Scientists have developed a hypersensitive method of detecting HPV and other DNA viruses in their early stages. However, an increase in false positives also comes with the territory. [Science Daily]