Is It Awful To Hope That Jennifer Lopez Is Expecting A Boy?

  • Daughters born to women with "wide, round hips" are more vulnerable to breast cancer? Jesus. Researchers hypothesize that "wide round hips reflect high levels of sex hormone production at puberty, which persist after puberty and adversely affect breast development of the daughters in early gestation." [Science Daily]
  • Lousy relationship? It could kill you, according to a study released today in the Archives of Internal Medicine, which reports that couples with bad marriages were more likely to suffer from heart disease. The "good" news? Women and men are — for once — equally at risk. [MSNBC]
  • Southwest Airlines forced yet another passenger to change clothes because an outfit was deemed offensive. But this time the offensive passenger was a dude! [CNN]
  • More breast cancer news! Time Magazine takes a look at the variety of breast cancer treatments and surgeries, while ABC News spotlights an army of women currently fighting the disease who have offered up their own bodies for research in hopes of finding a cure. [Time, ABC News]
  • Honor killings of unmarried pregnant Kurdish women run rampant in Iraq. CBS News has the story of an 18-year old woman who tried to commit suicide twice after becoming pregnant out of wedlock because of the "shame" she brought to her family. [CBS News]
  • Thank god for this dissection of the contradicting studies which say that drinking alcohol will either kill you or help you live forever. We know which one we'll choose to listen to! [SFGate]