Fifty-five-year-old designer Jean-Paul Gaultier has never been a fan of "subtle". Known as the enfant terrible of French fashion, many of his collections have been based on streetwear, and then twisted into over-the-top, playful, unusual ensembles. He made Madonna's famous cone-bra and often showed skirts (kilts and otherwise) for men on the runway. Gaultier also did the wardrobe for films like The Fifth Element, Kika, The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover, and The City of Lost Children. The collection he showed today in Paris has a clear vision, and that vision is of motocross-riding, beekeeping, and military corpse bride pirates. Of course! Oh, and almost all of the models were smoking. We were compelled to channel their swashbuckling thoughts. Click on any picture below to bring up the annotated gallery.
(Images via Getty.)