Psst! We've got a secret: "Inspirational word-of-mouth phenomenon" The Secret will be coming to Video On Demand and Pay Per View. After a long day at work, you can come home, sit on your couch and start to "attract" some wealth. Awesome! It's also going to be available at hotel chains (unlike Jezebel!) Rhonda Byrne, creator and executive producer, says, "This is just the beginning, and there is so much more to share with people. The Secret was created to empower people, and everything I do is focused on just that — to bring as much joy as I can to every single human being." She doesn't mention Wallace D. Wattles. Anyways, we're about to go attract a snack.

The Message Of 'The Secret' Available Soon To 60 Million People Across The U.S. and Canada With 'The Secret' On Demand [PRNewswire]
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