Fat Women Don't Get Pregnant

  • Apparently, the fatter women get, the harder it is for them to conceive. Funny, it used to be the more underweight a woman was, the harder it was to get pregnant. But Nicole Richie, who just weighed in at a buck o' five, sure turned that nonsense on its head! [The Guardian]
  • Speaking of pregnancy and overweight women, more mothers in the United States are dying from childbirth than they have for decades, and, well, obesity may be partly to blame. [MSNBC]
  • A recent study says that spending more time in the sun could help prevent breast and colon cancer. Hey, how about we all stop listening to scientists? Starting now? [Daily Mail]
  • Mitt Romney is following the anti-choice movement's lead when it comes to restricting access to contraception. Eighty-six anti-choice groups have come out against all forms of contraception, but the media's lack of coverage about this agenda means that a candidate like Romney's support of such measures goes relatively unnoticed. To be safe, buy out your local drugstore's condom supply — except the Duane Reade on Houston and Broadway in NYC. We've got dibs. [Daily Kos]
  • Great, just great. The World Health Organization says another deadly disease, on par with AIDS, is inevitable. Hopefully this one won't have anything to do with fucking, because lord knows you won't be able to protect yourself with anything but pulling and praying. [News-Medical.Net]
  • A new law was signed by New York Governor Spitzer yesterday that would force indicted rape suspects to get an HIV test, if their victim requested it. Previously, victims could only request an HIV test after conviction. [NY Times]
  • There are 5,000 prostitutes under the age of 18 in the UK — a shocking statistic, but not as shocking as the report that there are 1.2 million children and babies trafficked each year, worldwide. Can we please move to Mars? [BBC News]
  • The Catholic Church has denounced Amnesty International's new stance on limited abortion rights. Big freakin' shocker. [Ms.]
  • The Playboy Bunnies are crossing the pond, as the company plans to open a store/restaurant/casino in London. Yay, new friends from Pete Doherty to party with! [Reuters]