As Always, Oprah Winfrey Is Ruining It For The Rest Of Us

  • Women between the ages of 50 and 70 are about to become the richest demographic in the United States, claims writer Marti Barletta. We'd see this as cause for celebration except that the inclusion of Oprah Winfrey probably skewed things a bit! [AdAge]
  • Leaders of the Sikh community in Delhi are calling for an end to over-the-top wedding celebrations, claiming that such events cost so much money for the brides' families that they could contribute to female infanticide or the aborting of female fetuses. [Times Of London]
  • The same researchers who developed the HPV/cervical cancer drug Gardisil are working on a drug found in tobacco (of all things!) that could be used to prevent cervical cancer among women in India. [USA Today]
  • The heavier a woman is before she becomes pregnant, the higher her risk for complications such as pre-eclampsia, premature birth and high blood pressure. [Reuters]
  • Talk about hearts of darkness: A United Nations expert is reporting that the atrocities being committed by rebel groups and armed forces against women in one province of the Congo include not only rape but genital injury via bullets or knives and the forced ingestion of feces or human flesh. [Washington Post]
  • Girls who play sports in high school are more likely to get college diplomas than other girls, a new study from Brigham Young University has found. [WSJ]
  • One woman in the NY Times' obituaries section today: Odile Crick, 86, whose sketch of the double helix of DNA "came to symbolize man's discovery of the biological basis of life and evolution." [NY Times]