Underfed Liz Hurley Makes For Underweight Babies

  • Women like Victoria Beckham, Liz Hurley are being blamed for the obsession with rapid weight-loss after birth, which, researchers say, can put women at risk of giving birth prematurely the next time around. [Telegraph]
  • No shit! (Literally!) Reuters reports that women who have close companions on hand during childbirth report being "more satisfied" with the experience, adding, "In fact, women with a companion on hand were about half as likely as unaccompanied women to have amniotic fluid stained with fetal stool — meconium — which can be dangerous to infants if it is inhaled." [Reuters]
  • On the other hand, maybe women shouldn't be getting pregnant in the first place! French writer Corinne Maier has come out with a new book, No Kid: 40 Reasons Not To Have Children, which we think is kinda awesome. [Salon]
  • Should female victims of domestic violence be allowed time off after being beaten to a pulp? A daycare in the South Bronx doesn't think so: After a new employee was beaten up by her husband and asked for time off in order not to scare the children, she was fired. [Salon]
  • Something called the Economist Intelligence Unit has published a Global Peace Index that measures countries by their "absence of violence". Not included in the data used to measure a nation's commitment to nonviolence? Violence against women. [Feministing]