Wonder Woman Ropes 'Lasso Of Truth' Around Hollywood's Starving Starlets

  • Our preschool hero, Lynda Carter, tells the TV tabloid show Extra that she's sick of anorexic actresses. "These people are crazy. Any place else in the country besides New York and L.A. and they would be in a hospital." [Extra]
  • Scientists are developing an IVF treatment that sounds like something out of the Minnesota State Fair food court: "A womb on a chip" is an automated technology in which sperm and eggs are fed into a machine that then grows "pinhead-sized embryos" to be implanted into a woman's womb.[Telegraph]
  • Pregnant women are confused about what to eat. Don't they read The NY Times' Jane Brody? [DailyMail]
  • India's first female president has been sworn in. [NYTimes]
  • Female activists in Zimbabwe are being subjected to assault, torture, and arbitrary arrest for their opposition to president Robert Mugawbe, says Amnesty International. [BBC]
  • No women in the NYTimes' obituaries section today. [NYTimes]