Eva Mendes Doesn't Have To Hate Herself 'Cause She Knows She's Hot

  • Aw! Eva Mendes says it's easy to get all "critical" of yourself when you're on the red carpet but that she doesn't let herself "fall into that" — but that's she also "thankful" for her "nice physique"! Pretty sad if this counts as having positive body image nowadays. [People]
  • In poor England it's all water, water everywhere not not a drop to drink. [BBC]
  • Bush is cancer-free, meaning that now Cheney has to cut short his vacation and return to running the country. [CNN]
  • Oh fuck: Botulism. [CNN]
  • It's official: Drew Carey's the new host of The Price Is Right. The showcase showdown is dead to us. [11 Alive News]
  • Campbell Brown is headed to CNN: Have fun with the chain-smoking witch, kiddies! [USA Today]
  • 8.3 million copies of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows sold since 12:01 am on Saturday. [USA Today]
  • Memo to ABC News: Posh was joking. [ABC News]
  • 7 U.S. casualties identified since Friday. [DoD]