Our Faith In God Continues To Dwindle If Tori Spelling Is Now A Minister

  • Tori Spelling has become a minister. Proving what we have been telling y'all for round about a week now: God is dead. [USA Today]
  • The former Surgeon General says the Bush Administration encouraged him to dispense information about stem cell research and sex education with shades of the "theological agenda." His speeches were also edited to make sure that pesky things like facts were left out. Well, at least these assholes are consistent! [WSJ]
  • What's more on-again-off-again than Jessica Simpson and John Mayer? The potential delaying of Nicole Richie's DUI trial. [Reuters]
  • The American Psychological Association is reviewing its official stance on homosexuality, in a move that potentially could discredit those who try to "cure" it as if it were a mental illness. [USA Today]
  • Can't Salman Rushdie get a break? First his wife Padma Lakshmi dumps him, and now Al-Qaeda is out to get him again. [BBC]
  • Frenchmen and women are told by the country's Economy Minister to stop, like, being philosophers and shit and y'know, show up at work. [CNN]
  • Meanwhile at the Vatican, the Pope one-ups this and tells non-Catholics that they're not actually Christian. [CNN]
  • 4 U.S. casualties identified. [DoD]