Stilettos: Bad For Feet, Bad For Exercising In, Bad For British Newlyweds

  • Talk about bridezilla: A just-married Scottish woman attacked her husband with a stiletto on their wedding night. [DailyMail]
  • Research shows that, well, along with their emotional states, women's physical performance declines when they're premenstrual. [Guardian]
  • Men who cower in the delivery room while their partners give birth by C section need to get over it: Tests show that babies born by C-section and quickly cuddled by their dads after birth cry less and fall asleep more quickly. [DailyMail]
  • Asian women who eat Western diets with large amounts of meat, white bread and milk may be at a higher risk for breast cancer. [BBC]
  • President Bush's push for abstinence among African women to help stop the spread of AIDS is, like him, stupid and ineffective, says one Ugandan woman, adding: "We are expected to abstain when we are young girls and to be faithful when we are married to men who rape us, who are not necessarily faithful to us, who batter us."[Feministing via The American Prospect]